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Captain “USO” Robert McDonald false claims

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on May 29, 2012

Captain Robert McDonald, that claimed his Viking Replica Ship had an encounter with a USO (underwater UFO) and literally sailed into UFO history, and made him famous on that account, attended a UFO conference in Bergen, Norway May 2012, where one of my friends, Pia Knudsen also attended together with UK police detective Gary Heseltine among others. What these good people did not expect was, that Capt. Robert McDonald, already before the conference was started, began with a flood of false claims about nearly everything he could come up with. Read Pia Knudsens personal account here: Robert McDonald – USO / Viking ship

Cpt of Viking ship sails into UFO/USO history: Men in black confiscate ship’s log

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  1. barbarabooey said, on September 19, 2013 at 12:06 am

    He was just caught in another porkie pie – this time it’s stories about a forest in Holland. He said farmers he “knew” gave him pictures of a hominid that they caught…he posted them on his Facebook. It turned out to be the artwork of a sculptor from a couple of years ago and was the subject of an internet hoax way back when. I think there are two mysteries here – how he keeps getting interviewed as a legitimate researcher when he has no credibility, and secondly, what drives him to create these stories. He stated that these same farmer friends promised him head shots of the creature that was captured. All the stories involve him as the center of attention, and there are no witnesses nor can anyone corroborate the events.

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