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The UFO Ghost Rocket Mystery

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on March 7, 2012

Ghost Rocket seen over Mexico 2011The UFO Ghost Rocket mystery began for real May 1946 over Sweden, where the media covered the case and named the unidentified flying objects “Ghost Rockets”. In June that year, they were also reported over Denmark and Finland. The month after in July, the number of reports about mysterious rockets increased dramatically over both Sweden and Norway. And then mid-day July 9, 1946, a young Swedish couple, Erik and Åsa Reuterswärd, were lucky to photograph a ghost rocket. Their photo was sent in to the Swedish Ministry of Defense, who had asked for evidence of these mysterious intruders, and this case was published in several Swedish and foreign newspapers. In total, there were over 2000 observations in 1946 and the last was reported in December that year. It was theorized, that the mysterious trails in the sky were Russian V-2 test flights, so the suspicion naturally fell on Russia, which had taken over the German rocketry center at Peenemünde, on the south side of the Baltic Sea. Sweden had also experienced a series of overflights of the German V-2 rockets under the war and on June 13, 1944, a German V-2 rocket exploded at an altitude of 1000 meters above the Swedish city Bäckebo, and debris from the rocket rained down over the city. The rocket debris, that was actual evidence for a German V-2 rocket, were subsequently collected and sold to the British. But despite the Swedish Ministry of Defense major effort, to prove these mysterious trails in the sky were just Russian missile test, no one ever found a single piece that could prove, that the many flyovers of UFOs in 1946, actually were Russian test flights.

Ghost Rockets of today…

Ghost Rocket seen over Polen 2007And all that happend just in 1946, but what about today? Does these mysterious rocket-like trails, or Balls of Fire, still haunt our skies? Yes, I think so, because the top picture to the left shows one of those over Mexico 2011, and the next picture to the right, is from Polen 2007. One thing you should notice with these trails, is that they are generally very short and more wide and thicker compared to ordinary condensations trails, which tends to be longer and more slim. But the big mystery is the no airplane issue, because these trails have no airplanes in front of them. If you take a photo of an airplane, even over long distance, it is still possible with good weather conditions, to see a small black dot resembling the airplane in front of the trail of exhaust. But the strange trails, which we have many examples and close-up images of today, do not reveal any dots or airplanes? Another theory could be, that it is asteroids, meteors (big rocks), that are crossing earths atmosphere. But all the videos I have in my playlist on Youtube with Ghost Rockets, reveals no fatal crashes and no collisions with the ground. On the contrary, they always seem to disappear in the horizon. They also don´t seem to disintegrate (like this meteor), but stay intact. You should also notice, that these strange trails are moving quite slow compared to real and confirmed meteors hitting earths atmosphere. Generally, it goes very fast, like a blink of the the eye, and they are gone like this one: Police dash cam of Meteor over Edmonton, Canada or more dramatic like this one: Meteor Hits Russia Feb 15, 2013 – Event Archive

Where´s the plane?

Fireball in the sky (unknown source)This one is from a video uploaded to Youtube August 2009. The video is not on Youtube anymore and the source is lost, but I think it´s an interesting example, because this one looks very much like a typical aircraft contrail seen from the distance. When you magnify and compare this one to other ordinary airplane overflights, you´ll notice, that the plane you expect to be visible in the front of the trail (see below), clearly is not there…

Fireball no airplane? Fireball no airplane? Fireball no airplane?
Normal airplane contrail

And again, where´s the plane?

Another good example of a Ghost Rocket, this time caught on film soaring across the sky over the Peruvian city of Cusco, is seen in a video uploaded to Youtube August 25, 2011. Again you´ll notice, that the plane that should be visible in front of the trail, is not visible. Could it be atmospheric conditions that blurs the visibility of the plane? I am no expert in the field of that kind of atmospheric conditions, but what makes me wonder is, that all the images I have of contrails, generally always shows the airplane quite clear, even over great distances. Ghost Rocket Normal contrail with visible airplane

Shortly after I created my Youtube account back in 2007, I began collecting videos with these “Balls of fire”, and found they were still seen today all over the world. If some of them are actually airplanes, I don´t know, but there is indeed some weird trails here. Check them out here in my playlist UFO Ghost Rockets

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Mystery Missile Contrail a PSYOP?

Posted in PSYOP by alienspacecentereast on November 15, 2010

Mystery Missile Contrail a PSYOP?

The mystery missile contrail is probably a psyop (psychological operation) – in an earlier post, I mentioned there were something not adding up. It is about the missile contrail-clip from CBS, that shows few seconds of a supposed missile launch and apparently a glimpse of a flash caused by anti-missile laser

Psyop Manual
Psyop: Military Psychological Operations Manual
Find more books at

Former NATO ambassador Robert Ellsworth, editor of Jane’s Missiles and Rockets Doug Richardson, retired US Navy Captain Joe DeNigro and Wayne Madsen supports the theory, that it is indeed a missile, a big and solid missile, possibly a ballistic missile launched from a submarine. I say it is heading towards LA, because we all saw the contrail and it was blamed by Pentagon and many others to be just a contrail made by airplanes, either US Airways flight 808 or UPS902, which both was heading towards the costal line from west to east, heading for LA area. But in the CBS video, it is clear for many including me and the four gentlemen presented above, that it was indeed a missile.

The confusion is complete. Are we looking at the same footage all the way through the CBS presentation of the mystery missile contrail, or did they put a clip of a real missile launch (and the following shooting down with anti-missile lasers), in between the other clips showing ordinary contrails created by airplanes, to create a psyop? Well, I am just the guy that was blown back in the chair with bad temper, because of bad video editing, which in the end, only helps to promote fear. For those who want to go deeper, see TV Networks 9/11 Fraud

What provokes me to follow the theory of a psychological operation, is that CBS chooses to cut or zoom out exactly where a mysterious flash appears. Why cut or zoom out in the middle of an apparent dramatic event? Why not show the successful shooting down of a doomsday missile bound for Los Angeles with their new anti-missile laser technology? Why only show a doomsday missile heading for Los Angeles and not the following elimination of that threat? I see a clear intention to trick people to believe, that a nuke was fired and that people were in great danger, and you only do such things, in the creation of a psyop. But they did show us a glimpse of an apparent shooting down, but why?

I think we are getting fooled by someone in CBS or their owners. They are simply trying to setup awareness of the possibility to be wiped out by nuclear weapons – a psychological operation in action. We just saw a glimpse of the US ‘Star Wars’ lasers bringing down a ballistic missile and someone using pieces of it, to scare the hell out of us. I just don´t understand the deepeer meaning behind, but I do smell a psyop…

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