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UFO warcraft-like machinery hovering above California Air Force Base

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on November 8, 2010

UFO warcraft-like machinery hovering above California Air Force Base McClellan AFB

UFO warcraft-like machinery hovering above California Air Force Base – a video upload by Cool13Video on youtube October 18, 2010. The actual sighting was on october 13th 2010. The questions is, if it´s US hardware, maybe new Russian or Chinese technology? Or is this a sign of a secret war between US government and evil extraterrestrials, as whistleblowers like William Cooper and Phil Schneider claimed in the past? Or could it be the nice ones, the friendly aliens from outer space, that is sending a message to the US government and it´s military?

Cool13Video describes the UFO sighting as follows;

Spaceship / UFO with some kind of laser / bullet gunner on the bottom of the object hovering over California Air Force Base (McClellan AFB). Emitting green glow and it has a shiny metal bullet like shape. It looks like it was about over a mile away, 45 degree position from where I was standing, end of quote ~ Cool13Video

Updated description November 12th 2010:

I caught that UFO on October 13, 2010, around 10:45pm. It was hovering in the west side of the Air Force Base. I was camcording from 10:30pm to about 10:45pm, i was looking around, saw several planes, and helicopters pass by. I just saw something that didnt flashed at all and took a look at it with my camcorder, you saw the rest of the history. . I ran in to get my tripod and by the time I got outside the object disappeared. I looked around for a while, nothing in the sky. I see the object 45- 50 degree and about over a mile away from me, end of quote ~ Cool13Video

Screenshots of the UFO

The picture to the right has extra lightness and you can see the gun-turret (or something) beneath the craft…

UFO “gun-turret” closeup…

UFO Gun-Turret Color UFO Gun-Turret Grayscale


CGI, US/Chinese/Russian hardware or a real alien craft?

I can´t say much about, if this is real or made up. The video quality is quite bad in youtube´s flash format *.flv, with only 12 frames per second instead of the full 30 frames per second NTSC standard, and it does not provide the best condition for a proper video analysis. Anyway, for me, the way it looks, looks NEW. I mean, I haven´t seen a UFO sighting like this one ever before, this is new. Flying saucers and cigar-shaped UFOs are much more frequent, but not this type. It’s actually rather a bizarre sighting, like something out of star wars, and it may well wonder what such a thing is doing there, with something that looks like a gun or something, pointing down at the base?

My notes

It looks like a big robot with two “arms” (like the torso of a Lego man, but not with the original Lego shapes) and something that looks like a gun-turret attached to the bottom. It is metallic and there is a red and green glow around it. There is an increase and concentration of the glow on some spots on the fuselage. It seem this UFO lights up in the nightsky by it self. There are no sign of light sources from spotlights / searchlights on the ground. There is no reference points, no buildings or stars visible in the video. Before camera zooms in, you have a chance to sense the distance to the UFO. Cool13Video description of the distance between him and the object, 1 mile and 45 degrees up, seems reasonable. If you are into UFOs, you would probably agree with me, that this is a very rare type of UFO.

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