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UFOs and The Police

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on January 27, 2012

UFOs and the police – I had the pleasure of experiencing Gary Heseltine in my hometown of Odense, Denmark on November 1, 2011, where he gave his presentation about his UFO research that started November 2001 and which he runs as hobby alongside his work as police officer in England. At this presentation, he talks about the database PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings), which is a large collection of British police officers UFO sightings. It is officers both on duty, off duty and retired. The database contains 425 cases from the period 1901-2011, involving 903 British police officers, who all have witnessed unexplainable and mysterious events related to the UFO phenomenon, see the PRUFOS database

At the presentation in Odense, which was organized by Exopolitic Denmark, he started to tell about himself, his background and recounted his first experience at the age of 15 years, where he and his girlfriend observed an unidentified flying object, which took out the power from several residential neighborhoods that was layed in black, while it passed over the houses. Then he speak about the background of PRUFOS and how this project was realized, and from there, it is about the primary in his presentation, namely the many interesting UFO cases from the database. I I attended the event and helped Exopolitics Denmark with the filming, see it further below.

Let me emphasize, that Gary Heseltine is active police officer and know what evidence is. In the last 20 years, he has worked daily to gather evidence that can stand on it´s own legs before a judge. He is undoubtedly extremely interesting, not only for UFO entusiasts and the whole UFO community, but also for outsiders and skeptics.


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