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Recent UFO hoax pictures and cases

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on January 5, 2013

UFO crash in Japan – blatant hoax

Here in december 2012, I encountered some pretty clear UFO story fakes. The first one is about a UFO crash off the coast of Okinawa, Japan, and they use a picture I have seen several months before.

This one above is not a UFO, but a lens flare in the camera attached on the Google streetview-car, see video below.

So, the “recent” UFO crash in Japan, is build upon several months older pictures of lens flares mentioned in following three articles:

Another recent UFO photo hoax (smartphone-App UFO?)

Another blatant UFO photo hoax, apparantly started in the province of Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand, makes a story up about a schoolgirl, who takes a picture of a UFO while she is attending a school sports day on December 25th 2012.

As you can see in the three images below, which refer to each article above, it´s the same object tilted with the same angle on all three images. Obviously a hoax, made on a smartphone maybe. Someone may have invented the smartphone UFO-app., or simply made this in Photoshop.


Later on December 25th 2012, a UFO photo comes in from California, same object, same angle…

And then on December 27th 2012, this one appears on the net, same object and angle again…

UFO images commonly found in apps for the Android operating system

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LIVE STREAMING of the Copenhagen UFO Conference w/ Richard Dolan and others

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on September 6, 2012

LIVE STREAMING of the Copenhagen UFO Conference w/ Richard Dolan, Håkan Blomqvist (UFO Sweden), Francisco Mourão Corrêa (Exopolitics Portugal) and Robert Fleischer (Exopolitics Germany). Buy your live streaming tickets here and see it live on your computer!

The speakers…

More information here:

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Helicopters investigates UFOs over Hollywood

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on July 10, 2012

Helicopters investigates UFOs over Hollywood July 8, 2012 ~ a new UFO video on Youtube uploaded Jul 9, 2012, by youtube user WeDreamWeLiveWeLove, shows three lights comming in from the distance and one of the UFOs seem to stop not so far away from the people filming it. Then, after a moment, you start hearing helicopters closing in and then you actually see one of the helicopters investigating the UFO. This is a very intriguing video and I think it´s genuine footage. I don´t see anything in the video that points to a fake. This is just some innocent people enjoying the sudden surprise in the sky, and quite dramatic it is with helicopters investigating UFOs over Hollywood.


In the video below, which is the second part of the video above, you see (from the start in the video) the helicopter, apparently a LAPD Police Helicopter, moving very close to object A, and after that check out, the heli moves away from the UFO. What did the helicopter pilots see? Did they film or photograph it?


The UFOs are intelligent controlled

From the beginning of the video, you see 5 lights, a triangle formation high in the sky and two lights low in the sky. But let´s move to 0:48 in the video (part 1.), where you´ll see object A (see the screenshots below) moving up from behind a building in the horizon, and just continues to get closer and closer to the camera position. Around 2:15 in the video (part 1.), object A seem to stop and hover. The other two objects, object B and C, seem to stand their ground in the distance, while only object A seem to move over a greater distance. And there are some hints in the video, which I think indicates these objects are under intelligent control. By their behavior, those UFOs seem to represent an ability to hover and stand still in mid air, even with a helicopter right beside it. if you stand next to a helicopter in operation, you would also be able to feel the wind, and a chinese paper lantern would not be able to stand still and hover steady in the sky as object A can do, without being blown away by the turbulence created by the heli next to it. That was the first detail I noticed, the second detail is, that the three objects seem to keep a strict triangle formation with the same dimension in quite long time, actually several minutes, without breaking up. None of the three objects seem to move and change this dimension and size seen from the camera position. So, after my humble opinion, the unknown objects must be intelligent controlled in some way.

Helicopters investigates UFOs over Hollywood

Helicopters investigates UFOs over Hollywood

Around 2:00 in the video, you begin to hear helicopter noise, and a helicopter are apparently closing in on object A. Around 2:55, you see the helicopter circleing object A. See the pictures below.

Helicopters investigates UFOs over Hollywood

Helicopters investigates UFOs over Hollywood


Eyewitness testimony – Exclusive interview

Meet the 5 guys behind the already famous Hollywood helicopter UFO video, see video below…


Is this a fraud?

Immediate, there is nothing in the video that indicates fraud. However, it should be possible with the right equipment to make a video like this, but it requires a coordinating with a helicopter, as you should have to fly around in circles around a certain point in the sky. I am no expert here, but I do not doubt that it can be done. And I became a little worried then I saw, that ThirdPhaseOfMoon had an exclusive interview with the five witnesses (video above) who filmed the UFOs over Hollywood. Well, I can not figure out the concept behind TPM, but to me, it does not seem to be a serious UFO channel, but more show and fiction. Back to the point, the question you have to ask is, if there is a connection between the five witnesses and TPM, and if all together made this UFO sighting up?

thirdphaseofmoon proposal

But when I put it all together, the recording, the talk, the drama, background sound, helicopters and the lights in the sky, I find the whole scenario very intense and real. And the fact, that TPM gets an interview with the witnesses, is not synonymous with fraud. Sorry TPM, I just can´t figure you out.

Lights in the sky

These UFO spheres, or just lights in the sky, are seen all over the world in an increasing number. They are seen in both small and big numbers, from the lonely triangle formation to hundreds of them, hovering or moving slowly over cities, and lucky enough, they are filmed by more and more people. Just the day before, on July 7, 2012 in Russia, Moscow, the same type of lights were also filmed, see the video below…


If those unidentified flying objects are terrestrial or extraterrestrial in origin, is another question…

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Black Flying Saucer filmed in Denmark

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on June 22, 2012

Black Flying Saucer filmed over Denmark, Odense Juny 19, 2012 at 1.57 pm. Me and my friend sat and relaxed in her allotment garden (again), when I suddenly see a dark disc-shaped object quite close, actually a classic flying saucer like a dish upside down, that stood still in the air few seconds and then abruptly sets in motion. In the 3 minutes long observation, it silently moves farther and farther away, until I can not see it anymore. At one point, I noticed a smaller secondary object, that was flying fast around the larger UFO. There were no jet-engine or propeller noise to hear at all. Unfortunately, my friend didn´t see the object while she was talking in her phone…

Link: Flying Saucer filmed over Denmark Juny 19, 2012

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UFO fleet caught on photo over Denmark

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on June 4, 2012

UFO fleet caught on photo over Denmark – a whole UFO fleet was supposely caught on photo over Denmark 23. May 2012 at 1:18pm. The witnesses didn´t see anything while photographing, but some days after, then the photographer looked through the UFO pictures, a lot of unidentified flying objects caught his eye. In the four photos are both cigar-shaped objects and a lot of small white dots, supposely resembling small UFO spheres.

Link: UFO fleet photgraphed over Denmark?

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