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Recent UFO hoax pictures and cases

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on January 5, 2013

UFO crash in Japan – blatant hoax

Here in december 2012, I encountered some pretty clear UFO story fakes. The first one is about a UFO crash off the coast of Okinawa, Japan, and they use a picture I have seen several months before.

This one above is not a UFO, but a lens flare in the camera attached on the Google streetview-car, see video below.

So, the “recent” UFO crash in Japan, is build upon several months older pictures of lens flares mentioned in following three articles:

Another recent UFO photo hoax (smartphone-App UFO?)

Another blatant UFO photo hoax, apparantly started in the province of Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand, makes a story up about a schoolgirl, who takes a picture of a UFO while she is attending a school sports day on December 25th 2012.

As you can see in the three images below, which refer to each article above, it´s the same object tilted with the same angle on all three images. Obviously a hoax, made on a smartphone maybe. Someone may have invented the smartphone UFO-app., or simply made this in Photoshop.


Later on December 25th 2012, a UFO photo comes in from California, same object, same angle…

And then on December 27th 2012, this one appears on the net, same object and angle again…

UFO images commonly found in apps for the Android operating system

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Battle of LA 1942 UFO footage a HOAX?

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on February 17, 2012

Battle of LA UFO footage a HOAX?

Battle of LA 1942 UFO Spheres animationI made a thread on the ATS website January 25, 2012 at 01:55 am, about the new discovered additional UFO spheres in the old Battle of LA UFO footage from 1942, which I think is genuine, but it turns out the old footage may be a hoax? But please read on! The user Arbitrageur posted this comment to the thread on page 1:
“Please provide proof this is footage from the Battle of LA in 1942. Who was the photographer? what is the source? Hint: you probably can’t, because there is no 1942 footage (film) that I know of”, and Arbitrageur is right in his statement, because it seems the only source to the supposed Battle of LA UFO footage, are José Escamilla, which supposely might have made an editing of the clip, to illustrate this UFO event, and then added the CBS radio coverage to the videoclip. So, based on that, the case is kind of weak and we have no solid authenticity of the old clip, if we don´t know for sure, what the source is.

Other comments to my thread you should notice

That image of a “UFO” in the spotlight beams is a fake and has been discussed many times before here on ATS. There was so much shrapnel and ammunition fire that night you could walk across the sky. There is no way something …..anything could have made it through all that fire without being hit. This video only shows shrapnel. They were firing from all over remember…not just one place. ~ webpirate

This thread should really be moved to the HOAX forum. What the OP claims is footage of the battle of LA, isn’t, therefore, HOAX! ~ Arbitrageur

-then Super Moderator comes in and shuts down the whole thread same day January 25, 2012 at 02:50 am, which is 55 minutes after I made the post. Of course, I had to swallow the info against my new discovery before I could respond to the comments, but I never made it before it was closed…

Asking a question on the ATS website

Multiple UFOs in a clusterSubsequently, I made another post three days after january 28, 2012, in another Battle of LA-thread on ATS, asking the question about the additional unidentified flying objects in the clip, if it really could be true, that the footage is a hoax, then there appears to be additional UFOs and a cluster of multiple small gray-black UFO spheres in the clip, that is nearly impossible to see or discover, when the clip is seen in normal speed? But it seems that I´ve been ignored for some reason and nobody have answered my questions so far?

My privledges on ATS website removed?

On february 16, 2012, I were about to make a new thread under the category “Aliens & UFOs” on the ATS website, but my privledges to post was removed with the notice “You are unable to post a new topic or reply to current posts, as your posting privledges have been removed.”.

So, I send them an email february 16, 2012, asking them why my priviledges was removed, but I never got a response and I don´t expect it anymore. I wonder why a “question” about a new interesting discovery can trigger a removal of the priviledges on ATS?

Weak HOAX theory

I think their hoax theory on ATS are as weak as the lack of knowledge about the source of the film. If you do not know what you are dealing with, how can you determine anything? You have to let it be as it is, until more info comes up, and as long you can not prove this old movie is real or not, nothing is settled. The claim that the Battle of LA footage from 1942 is a hoax, is therefore completely wrong, and I can not avoid having a suspicion, that the ATS people have some kind of agenda, that seeks to blur one of the largest UFO events in world history…

One should remember, that the military in a press release, claimed they had shot at a weather balloon, which is a very clear proof they hide the truth about the real incident. And I think it was the first time they used the term weatherballoon, and we all know when this terminology is used, it is generally to explain away a UFO event…

The source of the Battle of LA footage

I send an email to José Escamilla on february 18, 2012, asking him for more information about the source of the old Battle of LA UFO footage, and I will of course tell you here if I get a response from him…

And I was happy to see Jose Escamilla responded to my email already February 29, 2012, and I think it´s a very honest reply I got, let me quote him here:

The footage I have might have been taken at Fort MacArthur and it was sent to me on a reel that I purchased from a man in Florida, whose grandfather worked at one of the networks and the video contained moon ufo footage, still photos and this 6 second clip of this object with searchlights and artillery fire on it. We just don’t know if it’s the real thing, but as far as I’m concerned it could be as it looks old and I “certainly DID NOT HOAX” this in anyway. ~ Jose Escamilla


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Massive structures spotted in deep space

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on December 29, 2011

Massive structures spotted in deep space

Massive structures in deep space discovered by amateur astronomer and astrophotographer John Lenard Walson, is a case I have been following a couple of years now. There has been some articles suggesting he is a hoaxer, but I am still waiting for some real evidence that can point out clearly it is a hoax. That´s why I put up this blogpost about these historic spaceship footages (which must be the right term if these UFOs are real), that has been circling the Internet for some time.

John Lenard Walson is the man who apparently found a new way to extend the capabilities of his small telescope and has been able to achieve optical resolutions at almost the diffraction limit. His specially outfitted amateur telescope has filmed not only the International Space Station, but many unidentified flying objects in the sky, resembling stars and constellations, that are in fact huge structured objects orbiting Earth 2,5 lightyears away. They are following the stars and constellations on their travel around the zodiac with millions of miles per hour, as if they came from these star constellations heading for earth and just stopped 2,5 lightyears away. These massive structures in deep space are captured with a camcorder or still camera attached to a telescope.

See for your self in this video below uploaded by Andy Bell to youtube…

Did William Cooper mention these spaceships in 1989?

Is there anything that supports JLW´s discovery? Well maybe. William Cooper mentioned an event from 1953, where astronomers discovered large objects in space, which were moving towards the Earth. The astronomers first believed it was asteroids, but later concluded it had to be intelligent controlled spaceships. Then the objects reached the earth, they took a very high geosynchronous orbit around the equator, and this seem to support JLW´s discovery of large objects in orbit far away from Earth, following the star constellations movement through the zodiac, which means these UFOs are located in an equatorial orbit. There were several huge ships, and their actual intent was unknown. Hear William Cooper talk about this particular event, starting from here

If they are not ours, which I do not believe they are, you have to ask yourself who operates these massive spaceships? How could we ever build such enormous structures? The machinery created to build structures on a massive scale like this, would be incomprehensible for us. If these are manmade, they have been very clever to hide it from us. Actually, they had to do it somewhere else than Earth. And the technology, energy and propulsion systems implied to these ships, must be way ahead of us. It´s simply far beyond what we know here on earth…

In some of John Lenard Walson´s video footages, one of the structures seem to transform (see that in the attached video at 14:50). If that is an atmospheric phenomenon that is causing this, I don´t know, but the size of the structure taken into consideration, recalls something I would express as God-like, and lots of questions comes up to mind…

  • Who built these enormous structures?
  • How many of them exists out there?
  • How did they get there?
  • Why are they there?
  • Friend or foe..?

Well, I hope we some day will know what is up there.


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