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Nuke heading for Los Angeles shot down by aliens?

Posted in Mysteries by alienspacecentereast on November 13, 2010

Nuke heading for Los Angeles shot down by aliens? – the story about the mystery missile and spectacular contrail over the Pacific, heading for Los Angeles monday evening on november 8th 2010 at 5:30 p.m., was said by some to be just a plane, by others a missile launch or anti-missile laserweapon test and now a new theory are growing – a nuke bound for LA that was shot down and stopped by Pleidian aliens

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The more down-to-earth and ongoing theory, says it was just an airplane, but when it comes to the hard facts, no one knows exactly what it was. US military (DoD), FAA, NORAD and US Airways can´t confirm 100% it was a plane. And then it starts to be really creepy, because videos of the supposed airplane contrail have the profile of a rocket, not an airplane. And it was heading for Los Angeles, following the same path as Flight 808, that did depart Honolulu at 9:53 a.m. and arrived at Phoenix at 7:04 p.m., which puts that plane over LAX area around 5:51 p.m., around 36 minutes before KCBS-TV cameraman Gil Leyvas noticed the growing contrail at 5:15 p.m. Also consider Flight UPS902
So, it´s easy for people to conclude, that this contrail must have been from flight 808. Exactly 24 hours after the mystery missile contrail-event, a new contrail did appear exactly same place again and this time it was by an airplane. Based on that information, we can conclude, that no matter if the contrail was created by a missile or an airplane, it was heading towards Los Angeles…

CBS footage shows a rocket and a flash / explosion, not an airplane…

Some experts are saying, that the supposed rocket contrail was an illusion and that it was too slow to be a rocket, but when we talk about illusions, a missile heading towards you would seem to move very slowly or actually seems to stand still for a while, and first when it closes in on you and passes directly over head, you can see and sense the speed of it. Then I looked the CBS footage through, I noticed, that there was a sparkling light or fire in the top of this massive contrail, and exactly that looked like a rocket launch. The mystery just continues to grow then a big flash or explosion appears on the top of the contrail (where the missile or airplane should be), like it was hit by something. And it get much more weird when you realize the medias cut the clips or zoom out fast, exactly where the flash appears. Why cut in the middle of an apparent dramatic event? See the videos Mystery Missile No Airplane Contrail and Mystery Missile Flash & Explosion for more on that.

Before the flash

The big flash

via AFP/Getty Images, U.S. Department of Defense

A successful test with airborne anti-missile laser weapons was carried out february 2010 (photo) in California. The plane uses a combination of lasers to lock on to the missile and track its trajectory, and then bring it down with a ­single shot fired from the nose turret, all in less than 12 seconds.

Also tests with a ground-based system called “Laser Weapon System” (LaWS) has been carried out with success. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) announced Juny 3th 2010, that LaWS had tracked, engaged and destroyed a drone in flight, during an over-the-water engagement in California.

ICBM heading for Los Angeles?

The target-theory, that a missile was launched and they were testing new anti-missile laser technology and shot a missile down with lasers, is one of the best theories I can think of, but then ask me why US military (DoD) does seem to look like idiots and can´t tell nothing about this incident? Was it a black budget secret missile test? Well, if it was, why launch it where millions of people can see it and why send that thing towards Los Angeles? It may be difficult for them to explain anything at all, when a missile is heading for Los Angeles.
So they won´t say or won´t clarify anything. It´s best to keep their mouth shut in this sensitive case, where a missile with a dummy warhead maybe, was heading towards LA.
One exception was NORAD, that stated ”there were no threat to the nation” and ”the contrail was not the result of a foreign military launching a missile”. How can they say this if they don´t know what it is? I think their statement in it self reveals they knows something, but it is maybe too embarrassing to reveal to the public, or simply too hot to handle…

Chinese military submarines

Could it be Chinese military submarines that are involved and actually came through the US defense and fired a dummy nuke, just to show they can do that? If they can “pop up” in the middle of a U.S. Naval exercise in the Pacific ocean, without being noticed at all, they can easily move into position in US waters and launch a dummy warhead too.
A 160ft Song Class diesel-electric attack submarine is understood to have sailed within viable range for launching torpedoes or missiles at the carrier Kitty Hawk, a 1000 feet aircraft carrier with 4500 personnel on board, that was part of the Naval exercise in the Pacific ocean, between Japan and Taiwan 3 years ago (reported november 10th 2007).

Chinese "Song Class" Attack Submarine

Bonewashed by aliens

I just can´t stop thinking about what is really going on here. Back in september 14th 2010, massive put options was bought on the S&P 500 Index. That kind of activity also happend weeks before 9/11, indicating that someone knew a market nieche would crash. And now while Obama is out of town with 34 warships and a hole army, a missile is heading for LA? Let´s hope this really was a secret anti-missile laserweapon test, and not that someone just attempted to wipe out LA (and got bonewashed by aliens, who shot down the missile)…

That Pleidian aliens shot down a nuke heading for LA is a wild theory that is difficult for me to swallow, but the alien presence is real, trust me. The lady in the video below, Colleen Thomas, claims to be a Pleiadian contact. She says the US government was firing an ICBM at Iran and was intercepted by the Pleidian aliens…

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Well, Colleen Thomas´s message is one of these “messages” I will put back in my mind and just let stay there for later dissimination, if something related comes up as pieces to the big puzzle. I am very open-minded but have difficulties in believing her story.

But the case about the Nuke guards, that claims aliens had fingers on their buttons since 1960´s, is an amzing story backed up by many credible witnesses. These people made us aware that UFOs are visiting nuke missile bases and has happend to dismantle the nukes. This is not only happening in United States, but also Russia, and it´s getting kind of weird when you hear about the incident in Russia, where the opposite happenend, and they got their nukes activated instead of deactivated. For 15 seconds, russian nukes was set to “prepare to launch” while a 900-foot-wide UFO was hovering over their missile base. That event occurred on October 5, 1982 near Khmelitskiy in the Ukraine and was revealed in a Russian UFO Research based on 13-year study of UFO-reports, read more here and here. You might also be interested in reading this post, a very good in-depth read about other UFO Missile events, among them the latest story about the 50 minuteman ICBMs At Warren AFB, that got temporarily offline October 23, 2010, at Warren AFB near Cheyenne, Wyoming.

UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites
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There has been many UFO sightings caught by both mainstream TV news networks and by ordinary people around the world, so it´s becomming too foolish not to take this phenomenon serious. We got the chinese airport UFO incident, were several passenger jets were diverted and delayed. Since Juny this year, China have had 11 UFO incidents. While China is visited by aliens, also New York had it´s UFO Sighting on the same day on october 13th 2010, as a robot-like UFO hover over a Californian airforce base. It is not worth mentioning the Texas UFOs on october 15th 2010, because they were apparently night skydivers with magnesium flares. But now again, a fireball or Ghost Rocket, was seen in the sky over New York on november 10th, only two days after the missile contrail event on november 8th 2010 – see here: Did You See The Fire In The NYC Sky? (CBS New York).

New development November 15th 2010

General Mcinerney: “I am absolutely certain that is not an aircraft”

What authorities and experts are saying about the mystery contrail

The Department of Defense

The Department of Defense said november 10th, that it was satisfied the event was likely caused by an airplane. They have no information to suggest this was anything other than a contrail caused by an aircraft, said Pentagon spokesman Col. David Lapan. Lapan would not get into any details what data sources other than the CBS news tape they have looked into, but said that evidence helped determine this was most likely an aircraft. It was the response from all other government agencies saying they did not launch anything that convinced them this was likely an aircraft. Still no hard facts here.

US Airways

Spokesman for US Airways, Todd Lehmacher, could not confirm that Flight 808 was responsible for the vapor trail, though he did confirm details of flight 808, that did depart Honolulu at 9:53 a.m. yesterday morning local Honolulu time and arrived at Phoenix at 7:04 p.m. The plane did travel along the planned route between those two destinations, but that isn’t conclusive evidence, Lehmacher stated.

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)

Spokesman for the FAA, Ian Gregor, agreed with Lehmacher’s diagnosis, that “we can’t determine the exact source of the contrail because we don’t know its location, trajectory or altitude”. Remember, “we did a radar replay of an area based on media reports of the location of the contrail, not on any precise location of the contrail.”

Former ambassador to NATO Robert Ellsworth

Robert Ellsworth, former ambassador to NATO, said the rocket possibly was an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Ellsworth says perhaps it was fired as a “show of force,” related to President Obama’s Asia trip, and from what he tell, it looks like it’s a “test firing from an underwater submarine to demonstrate, mainly to Asia, that we can do that…”

Jane’s Missiles and Rockets

The editor of Jane’s Missiles and Rockets, Doug Richardson, examined the video for the Times of London and said he was left with little doubt and he stated that it was a solid propellant missile. You can tell from the efflux (smoke) and it could have been a ballistic missile launched from a submarine or an interceptor, the defensive anti-missile weapon used by Navy surface ships, he said.

US Navy retired Captain

Captain Joe DeNigro, retired from US Navy, said on Wednesday nov. 10th to CBS, that he had no doubt it was a missile – “the only thing I´ve ever seen do that, is a missile”, he said.

Chief of naval operations

Adm. Gary Roughead, chief of naval operations, told reporters and editors at The Washington Post that it “wasn’t a Navy missile.” He declined to go into more detail. He did, however, appear to be smiling when he said it.

Defense and aerospace expert

John Pike, a defense and aerospace expert who runs said, that “this thing is so obviously an airplane contrail, and yet apparently all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t find someone to stand up and say it.” He added, “I guess the president’s out of town.”

NASA Director of research

Al Bowers, associate director of research at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in the Mojave Desert , supports the theory, that it was an airplane contrail distorted by camera angle, winds and other environmental factors including a setting sun, was independently supported by

NASA senior research scientist

Patrick Minnis, a senior research scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia, who studies remote sensing of the atmosphere and Earth’s surface, stated about the controversial contrail, that a missile would look like that and that it could potentially have a contrail that shape. But the motion looks a little suspect to me, and my conclusion would be that it is most probably an aircraft. At Langley Research Center, Minnis and colleague Doug Spangenberg analyzed a sequence of infrared images of the area collected between 5 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. Monday by GOES-11, a geostationary operational environmental satellite. At 5:30 p.m., they spotted a contrail extending horizontally from the left side of the image, that bends toward the (northeast) pointing directly at Catalina Island. Minnis said, that the contrail had to have started 15 to 45 minutes earlier and become quite wide to be visible to the satellite, he said.

Wayne Madsen

Washington, DC-based independent investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, claims in his exclusive report to his subcribers of November 10 and to Alex Jones show, that the “mystery missile” fired 35 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, was in fact an ICBM fired by a Chinese Jin class nuclear submarine. The Chinese Navy Jin class ballistic missile nuclear submarine, deployed secretly from its underground home base on the south coast of Hainan island, launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from international waters off the southern California coast. Beijing meant it as a show of force to warn the United States.

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Stanley A. Fulham predicted the New York UFO Fleet Sighting

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on October 27, 2010

Stanley A. Fulham predicted the New York UFO Fleet Sighting october 13, 2010, in his book “Challenges of Change” from 2004…

Stanley A. Fulham (or Stan Fulham)

The New York UFO Fleet Sighting over Manhattan october 13, 2010, were no surprise to retired NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham (also known as Stan Fulham). He is the author of the book Challenges of Change re-published back in January 2008 (originally published 2004). In this book, he comes with the prediction, that October 13th, 2010 will be the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles, to hover over the world’s principal cities. You don´t believe me? Well, see this video interview by Randy Kitchur with retired NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham on Youtube uploaded back in Juny 26, 2010 or go buy the book

UPDATE December 19, 2010

Former NORAD officer Mr. Stanley A. Fulham, passed away on Sunday, December 19, 2010 at Riverview Health Centre, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – Stanley Arthur Fulham: April 16th, 1923 – December 19th, 2010…

Stanley Fulham dies, warned ETs will intervene & save Earth’s collapsing ecology

ex NORAD officer Stan Fulham

Mr. Fulham served in the airforce under World War 2 in a bomber command. He was shot down over Germany and spend most of the war in german prisoncamps. In 1944, in a german prisoncamp, he saw his first UFO and was also told about the “foo fighters”, a known UFO phenomenon today. After the war he spend some years away from the air force, but returned to the flightcontrol in NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command).

As a flightcontroller in NORAD, he witnessed two UFO´s or alien spacecrafts, two to three times the size of an aircraft visible on radar. He scrambled fighters against the two objects that just “stood there” 1000 feet up 2 miles away. Then the jetfigters approached them, they streaked away several miles out, where they stopped and stood still again. The jetfigters approached them a second time, and they then disappeared out over the pacific. Next morning, the base commander called him and said, they were getting calls from the medias about these “strange lights” and as you know, there was nothing unusual happen last night, so “there are no reason for us to be speaking to the media”. That was the policy at that time under an agreement signed between United States and Canada in 1956, which was to control the dissimination of information relating to UFO´s.

Mr. Fulham, a squadron commander and a technical officer met with NORAD officers and discussed this incident. At this meeting, he met a NORAD officer he became lifelong friend with, and this officer told him about UFO/Alien-related stuff that was never made public. Mr. Fulham retired but keept the interest for the UFO phenomenon and he wanted answers. In his seeking after the truth, he comes across the Akashic Records

Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records - The Book of Life The Akashic Experience - Science and the Cosmic Memory Field Akashic Records - Collective Keepers of Divine Expression How to Read the Akashic Records - Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Akashic Record

Mr. Fulham was aware, that he had to find his answers via the fourth dimension. As you see, the alien spacecrafts don´t conform to third dimension laws and has it´s origins elsewhere. So he learns about the Akashic Records (“akasha” is a Sanskrit word and means “sky”, “space” or “aether”) and how these contains all information, energy, thoughts, words and actions that is done in the universe, and that a “transcended spiritual group” (the transcenders), which consists of 43.000 very old ancient souls, have direct access to these records. These spiritual entities blended all their experience and knowledge to provide advise and information to other souls existing in the universe, but they cannot communicate into the third dimension, because they communicate by thoughts. That´s here channelers like Rik Thurston, who has worldwide reputation as “non-conscious” trance channeler, comes into sight. Rik Thurston was the medium through which Stan got all the information about a worldwide UFO display on october 13, 2010…

The transcenders has told, that we are in a time now, symbolic described as the
Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

  1. Earth changes
  2. Terrorism and war
  3. Global financial collapse
  4. Atmospheric pollution

According to the transcenders, mankind will survive earth changes, terrorism/war and the financial collapse, but not the pollution of our atmosphere with carbon-dioxide. They explain, that the aliens intend to help us and will intervene the next comming years to fix our atmosphere. But they are aware, that the sudden interaction with mankind, can cause a great deal of fear and panic, so the aliens will reveal them selfes in a massive UFO display over our principal cities, as the first step. They won´t land October 13, 2010…

(…the catastrophic pollution with Carbon-Dioxide (CO2) sounds a bit harsh to me, still with ClimateGate in the back of my mind, but if you listen to what Mr. Fulham says, they´re not mention the heating of our atmosphere with CO2, but that the air will be hazardous to us at a certain level – the air will simply be poisonous to us…)

(…we have brothers and sisters in space, that´s for sure, so let´s welcome them to our planet and be kind to them. What great opportunities mankind can get if the aliens choose to land and help us is unimaginable – clean and free sustainable energy is number one on my wishlist… Well, both feets to the ground again, we don´t know nothing yet, but have had signs in the sky for decades now. Who they really are is a big question, but I think the aliens referred to by the transcenders are humanoid, because they wouldn´t cause fear and panic, so a humanoid presentation instead of the greys, as the first pierhead to humanity, would make great sense…)

Back to mr. Fulham, he made the prediction in his book, based on information retrieved through the medium Rik Thurston, that this massive UFO display would happen on october 13, 2010, and he gave this prediction again in an interview with Randy Kitchur, uploaded to Youtube 26. Juni 2010). It is a first step in our future relationship with the aliens he says, and then our world will have changed forever…

UFO Sighting New York October 2010

I understand people get confused about, if there were balloons or not, but let me clarify: There were balloons in the airspace over New York october 13, 2010, yes, but also UFO´s – balloons and real UFO´s together. Please see the dedicated page for the New York UFO sighting October 13, 2010 for more info.

Stan Fulham Resources

Stan Fulham Youtube Interview, Juny 22, 2010

UFO Prediction – Stan Fulham, October 17, 2010

Other sources about Stan Fulham

PRWeb Press Release

…A newly-published book by a retired NORAD officer predicts October 13, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles to hover for hours over the earth’s principal cities. Author says the event to be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere dangerously approaching a “critical mass”…
Link: Retired NORAD Officer’s New Book Predicts a Tentative Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010

News Coverage October 9, 2010
…October 13, 2010, is the disclosure date where mankind will have no doubt that aliens are among us, according to a book by a former NORAD officer.
Link: Former NORAD officer reports alien disclosure date: October 13, 2010

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Out Of The Blue
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NASA UFO Footage
The Case for NASA UFOs
Secret NASA Transmissions: Martyn Stubbs Live At Leeds University (VHS) The Secret NASA Transmissions – The Smoking Gun
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UFO Sighting over New York October 2010

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on October 17, 2010
UFO over New York October 13, 2010 via @jasondiamond

UFO over New York via Twitter from @jasondiamond

UFO Sighting over New York made crowds of people stare into the blue sky. This sighting was confirmed by Multiple News Networks, The Intel Hub, Fox News, New York Post, ABC News7, CBS and Daily News New York. The picture to your left was made public “while it happend” by @jasondiamond via Twitter. I made the other three pictures in Photoshop, zoomed them 300%, ran “Auto levels” on the second one and inverted the last one. You clearly see it´s not balloons or weatherballons. The small dots on the following videos (see further below) are not new. These orbs or spheres have been seen for a very long time and were usually known as “Foo Fighters” under WW2…

New York UFO


New York UFO

Zoomed with Auto Levels

UFO over New York

Zoomed and inverted

The UFO cluster over New York appeared at approximately 1:30 p.m. (daylight / blue sky), which prompted calls to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), but FAA stated that “we re-ran radar to see if there was anything there that we can’t account for, but there is nothing in the area.” Some said it was just a set of balloons.

Five glowing orbs travelling together...

Five glowing orbs travelling together…

Close-up triangle formation with white orbs...

Close-up triangle formation with white orbs…

Also see NYC UFO image collages of above picture here… Another mysterious object I tend to analyse in another video soon (subscribe to my RSS feed to stay updated on this post), appeared on ABC News channel, see below…

Original ABC News screenshot


Zoomed with Auto Levels

Zoomed and inverted

Source ABC News: UFO Sightings Stop New York City Also see NYC UFO image collages of above pictures here

Real UFO´s or just kids balloons..?

I am sure the three small dots from the very beginning in This Video, really IS a set of balloons, cause they are tumbling around each other like balloons would do in mid-air. You may wonder why these three objects, continuously move on together in a tight formation, close to each other, and not break apart? It´s quite difficult not to ignore the balloon-theory here. It could be balloons tied together which fits very well into the story about the escaped balloons from a teacher’s engagement party at Westchester elementary school in Chelsea, NY. There were reports about other events that day where balloons were released in the air, so we cannot ignore this. With help from a critical voice on youtube, I found this spanish article “Nueva York confunde con ovnis los globos de la Gran Vía” showing the yellow balloons that was seen over NYC before they were released – see this video or go here for a nice little image collage (scroll down to the bottom). But don´t hesiate, there is more to the story than just kids balloons. There were something very odd going on in the skies over New York City that day, and we got it all on video. Some of the objects caught by CBS cameras, could be balloons, but not all objects in the sky was party- or weatherballoons that day. When you study the video Mass UFO Sighting New York (analysis) or UFO Sighting New York October 2010, you will see two groups of objects with three shiny orbs / spheres in each group. The first group (object 1) was the three objects I just mentioned above that I think is balloons. The second group (object 2), is very interesting and you should focus on that group. They appear not to be balloons at all and seem to be controlled by some force, extraterrestrial intelligence, aliens or not, some force is behind here, period. Where the first group (Object 1) seem to rotate / tumble without control, the second group (Object 2) seems far more controlled and strict in it´s behaviour. After my observation, object 2 appear to rotate a bit, not tumble really, in the start of the sequence and after a while, they simply increase the distance between each other, with one in the bottom and two in the top as seen from the camera position. So, they are going from a close formation with short distance to each other to a wide formation with long distance to each other. If you see the 2400% video speed repeats of the objects movements, you´ll notice, that the increase in distance happens suddenly, like they just decides to increase the distance and then decides to stop increasing the distance and stay in their new fixed formation. All that seems to happen without any further changes to their formation setup, but when you look at the footage in high speed, you´ll notice the triangle formation they create in the sky, leans very slowly to the right. I think we can dismiss the theory about weatherballoons, because FAA spokesman Jim Peters told us, that if the objects were weather balloons, “his agency had no prior notification they’d be launched”, so we may suppose, that no weatherballons were in the sky over New York that day. But ordinary balloons, both party- and corporate balloons were released different places in New York city, that is a fact. I made a new but shorter video about the UFO Sighting over New York October 13, 2010, with better music, better video editing and nice illustrations, enjoy… Could we actually be looking at a subtle airshow created by warm upwinds from the city below, carrying three balloons in same direction with the exact same speed? Yes, it is possible but highly unusual. Actually, we´re talking about not three but five unidentified flying objects (or balloons) in parallel formation and they move together in the same direction with the same speed, as seen from the CBS camera position. I found this short sequence in the CBS raw footage from october 13, 2010 with the camera steady, pointing at the five UFO´s for a total length of 7 seconds and 20 milliseconds repeated several times, showing how they move together, see below: For those who want to study the weather conditions for New York October 13, 2010, can go to and see, if these white orbs did fly the same direction as the wind blew (NE / NNE). These white glowing orbs/spheres have not only been seen from the ground but in space too, filmed by crews on different shuttle missions. A video from usanewsnetwork on Youtube uploaded september 25, 2006, shows three white glowing UFO´s rotating slowly beneath the Atlantis shuttle on the STS-115 mission (launched from Kennedy Space Center September 9, 2006). NASA explain it is space debris, but here we´re looking at three objects flying in a perfect triangle formation, moving in orbit together with the shuttle while they slowly rotate, see below: Another awesome video uploaded late 2008, this time in infrared (IR), shows a UFO fleet with several objects traveling parallel to the ground in a formation manner. Note there is two coupled objects which appear to fly together as a pair, see below: If you wanna see a massive UFO display over a principal city, this one is for you – hundreds, if not thousands of white discs/orbs in an overwhelming big formation over Bronx New York in late 2007. Please notice the plane passing by at 1:24 in the video and then imagine how big these “birds” would be, if they came down to the same altitude as the plane, see below: See more UFO Fleets here and go check Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Video Archieve too…

New York UFO Fleet predicted by retired NORAD officer?

The mass UFO sighting over Manhattan, New York, came as no surprise to retired NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham, whose book Challenges of Change re-published back in January 2008, predicted October 13th, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles, to hover over the world’s principal cities… Read more about Stanley A. Fulham

News Coverage

The Intel Hub, October 13, 2010 …”Today reports of UFO activity over New York City went ultra viral. Twitter erupted with reports of numerous unknown objects in the sky. This story has gone so viral that ABC and The New York Daily News are now reporting on it. We should remain skeptical as to the origins of this sighting until proof is put forward”…. Link: UFO Sightings in New York As Crowds of People Stare Into The Sky. Confirmed by Multiple News Networks CBS New York, October 13, 2010 …”Police, Media, Onlookers Try To Figure Out Weird Objects”… Link: New Yorkers Mistake Balloons For UFOs? New York Post, October 13, 2010 …”Callers began phoning the NYPD and Federal Aviation Administration at 1:30 p.m. with reports of the strange, silver objects high in the sky. Some people saw something described as yellow with blue lights surrounding it,” said FAA spokesman Jim Peters. He added that if the objects were weather balloons — as some suggested — his agency had no prior notification they’d be launched”… Link: Objects over Chelsea cause UFO stir ABC News 7, October 13, 2010 Mystery in the sky – Jeff Peguis reports from Chelsea Manhattan (eyewitness news) Link: Mystery In The Sky Daily News NY, October 13, 2010 …”It’s been hovering there for a while. I’m just kind of baffled,” said Joseph Torres, 49, of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, who spotted the object after leaving a movie. “How can it be ordinary? There is something going on”… Link: Mystery shiny objects floating over Manhattan spark UFO frenzy Huffington Post, October 13, 2010 …”New Yorkers are certainly a savvy bunch, which is why it’s surprising that there is a lot of chatter on Twitter right now about an alleged UFO sighting in the city. While there’s been no documentation, it hasn’t stopped thousands of twitterers from postulating”… Link: New York City UFO Sighting? Mystery Object Provokes Rash Of Internet Speculation My FOX New York, October 14, 2010 …”Some people saw something described as yellow with blue lights surrounding it,” FAA spokesman Jim Peters told the Post. “Every once in a while you get phone calls from people who see something they can’t explain”… Link: UFO Sightings Over Manhattan Chicago Tribune, October 14, 2010 Although officials could not confirm what the celestial objects were, skeptics believed the balloons were part of a tourism promotion event held on Broadway in Times Square for the centennial of the Madrid’s Gran Via on Wednesday, which included the release of several bunches of yellow balloons into the sky. Link: UFOs Spotted Over NYC Prompt Panic, 911 Calls Execte News, October 14, 2010 …”With all of the excitement, there is little doubt that New Yorkers are hanging out outside tonight more than usual, peering in the space, hoping to see SOMETHING….anything.”… Link: UFOs spotted over Manhattan this afternoon?, October 15, 2010 …”The mysterious balls of light stopped traffic and sparked an alien scare as hundreds of New Yorkers gawped at the hovering globes on Wednesday”… Link: UFO panic that stopped the Big Apple, October 20, 2010 …”First New York was gripped by sightings of UFOs in the sky last week. The fears were quickly debunked by the claim that the ‘UFOs’ were actually balloons released from a nearby school. But this weekend lights forming a mirror image of the pattern seen in the sky over New York have been seen in El Paso, Texas”… Link: They said the ‘UFO’ over New York was just balloons… so how do they explain the mirror image over El Paso?


Other sources about the New York UFO Sighting

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Out Of The Blue (DVD) The Phoenix Incident (DVD) NASA UFO Footage (DVD) The Case for NASA UFOs (DVD) Secret NASA Transmissions: Martyn Stubbs Live At Leeds University (VHS) The Secret NASA Transmissions - The Smoking Gun, Complete 4 DVD Research Edition
Out Of The Blue
The Phoenix Incident
NASA UFO Footage
The Case for NASA UFOs
Secret NASA Transmissions: Martyn Stubbs Live At Leeds University (VHS) The Secret NASA Transmissions – The Smoking Gun
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