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Recent UFO hoax pictures and cases

Posted in UFO Phenomenon by alienspacecentereast on January 5, 2013

UFO crash in Japan – blatant hoax

Here in december 2012, I encountered some pretty clear UFO story fakes. The first one is about a UFO crash off the coast of Okinawa, Japan, and they use a picture I have seen several months before.

This one above is not a UFO, but a lens flare in the camera attached on the Google streetview-car, see video below.

So, the “recent” UFO crash in Japan, is build upon several months older pictures of lens flares mentioned in following three articles:

Another recent UFO photo hoax (smartphone-App UFO?)

Another blatant UFO photo hoax, apparantly started in the province of Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand, makes a story up about a schoolgirl, who takes a picture of a UFO while she is attending a school sports day on December 25th 2012.

As you can see in the three images below, which refer to each article above, it´s the same object tilted with the same angle on all three images. Obviously a hoax, made on a smartphone maybe. Someone may have invented the smartphone UFO-app., or simply made this in Photoshop.


Later on December 25th 2012, a UFO photo comes in from California, same object, same angle…

And then on December 27th 2012, this one appears on the net, same object and angle again…

UFO images commonly found in apps for the Android operating system

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Nibiru Solar Lens Flare Mistakes

Posted in Astronomy by alienspacecentereast on February 22, 2012

Nibiru Solar Lens Flare MistakesNibiru Solar Lens Flare Mistakes – I have seen numerous attempts to fool people with photos and video of a supposed Nibiru or Planet X, but it’s just a so-called lens flare, as seen in the pictures on this page. If you have a camera, you can try by your self to create this effect. Wait until the sun is low in the morning or evening sky, point the camera directly at the Sun (read the manual and see if the CMOS / CCD photo sensor can withstand it) and turn it gently to the right or left, up or down, and you will see this effect appear. This is a lens flare and not Nibiru or Planet X. But I admit, that it is not so strange that people can be fooled, because it does look as if there is a second sun. Do I say Nibiru or Planet X dosen´t exist? No, I just say, that this is a typical effect caused by the light of the sun, reflected inside the optics.

Nibiru Solar Lens Flare Mistakes

The pictures above and below was photographed with a Sony A-100 reflex camera with a 3.5-5.6/18-70 standard lens. In the picture below, you can see the sun and some weird reflections below the sun. These are NOT planet X or Nibiru, but reflections in the optics, also known as lens flares.


How can I be sure this is NOT planet X or Nibiru? Well, because I was standing with my camera and could see it in the viewfinder while I was photographing, and not when I looked with my own eyes without the viewfinder, so I know it´s an effect caused by reflections in the optics. Again, you could change the camera angle a bit and see the lighteffects are not a part of the real picture. And if a Neptune-sized planet were near us, we would certainly know for sure…

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